Senior Software Engineer (.NET) - Campaigns Group

Adform provides a digital advertising solution that unlocks an online potential. Please do not stop reading, we promise that it only gets better from here. Truthfully, we are working very hard to make the online advertising experience as pleasant, relevant and rewarding as possible for everyone involved. This includes not just our partners and clients but every day internet end-users like you. We have mountains of servers and hundreds of engineers working very hard every day to make advertising work better for everyone. Our scale is grandiose, datasets - humongous, problems - challenging enough to spark interest in any kind of engineer. You think we are exaggerating? Come and see it yourself.

Currently, we are looking for a Senior Software Engineer (.NET) to join our team. Together with us you will be responsible for building and running major parts of Adform‘s full stack online advertising platform. It includes back-end APIs and front-end JS applications with lot's of stuff in between.

If you can comfortably describe yourself as:

   - Having agile mindset, easy to adapt to changes, comfortable working in a dynamic environment
   - Taking ownership for your work, proud of the quality you deliver
   - Curious and inventive, always striving for technical excellence
   - Working best inside the team, easy to communicate with and fast with feedback
   - Open, informal and treat others with respect
   - Good at written and verbal English

And you have the required technical skills:

   - At least 5+ years professional experience in .NET
   - Team leader potential; help others grow and guide your team to deliver the best results
   - Strongest in back-end but comfortable in front-end
   - Experience building and delivering complex, highly performant systems to clients
   - Ability to design, develop and deliver distributed scalable systems
   - Strong grasp of modern software development practices, source control, code reviews, automated testing, continuous integration and deployment
   - Strong SQL knowledge, extensive experience with storage backends, internet protocols and security fundamentals

Join us! This is what we can promise in return:

   - Fantastic team and working environment
   - Strong and supportive engineering culture
   - Opportunities to learn from the best at Adform and deliver solutions you have only dreamed of before
   - Leaders, who are here to support you and pave your career path to greatness
   - And some other standard benefits: company offsite events, team buildings, game rooms, free food and other fun office activities


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