Senior Business Analyst - Audiences Group (DMP)

Product Description:

Data is now used in almost in all aspects of digital life, and Data Management Platforms (DMP) have emerged to help businesses make sense of it all. Emerging just a few years ago, DMP is one of the newest ingredients in the field of advertising. It enables companies to get the full value of information, and it shows signs of substantially great staying power. Now Adform DMP is a central hub of our company, powered by machine learning and driven by big data technologies. DMP allows us to collect massive datasets (seamlessly and rapidly), integrate, manage those large volumes of data from numerous data sources, and activate them for our customers.

And now we are looking for senior Business Analyst, energetic, agile and process oriented, who wants to work in a fast growing and very competitive domain of AdTech. We expect that this person will grow into a Product Owner by diving deeper into the domain and becoming an expert.

What you'll do:

  • Keep in touch with all the stakeholders of the product, understand and manage they expectations (marketing, UX, PD, developers, UL, other POs (also from other units), etc.)
  • Collect requirements from PD by interviewing him, with all necessary details (successful candidate will be able to find the balance), clarify and ask Qs.
  • Organize requirements in a logical and structured way so that everything could be understood equally by all stakeholders (via diagrams, mockups, schemas, etc.)
  • Pass specifications (Epics, User Stories) to developers, make sure they understand everything w/o missing details, help them to break into tasks, understand tech details to a level that is needed to talk with them
  • Be the main source of info about the product, know everything that is going on at all stages (what priorities are, what should go to UX, what should go to release notes, etc)
  • Write release notes and other documentation needed
  • Drive development from product prospective: be proactive and predict things, know what is going on with details, be the contact person to all the questions that developers and QA have, be able to answer them or find the way to answer them
  • Become a product expert (should know all Adform products, especially DMP)

Skill description:

  • Understanding of visual modelling notations and ability to use them on practice (UML, BPMN, etc.)
  • Experience in creation of mockups and functional prototypes, understanding of how and when they are used
  • Understating of requirements, their types and stages of work with them (extraction, analyses, documentation, validation and management)
  • Understanding of how to set a task and how to accept a task
  • Proficiency in asking right questions and systematizing data
  • Advanced English
  • Ability to break down a big picture into detailed view without missing things
  • Ability to speak “development” language, ability to understand technical stuff at a comfortable level
  • Curiosity and proactivity, desire to learn new things and grow
  • Energy and “drive”

Nice to have:

  • Experience in AdTech domain
  • Technical background (education or work experience)
  • Experience of working in a product company
  • Experience in PO

More about us:

Adform is the leading independent and open full stack advertising technology platform that encompasses data, creativity and trading into one seamless enterprise product suite servicing media agencies, trading desks and advertisers.

All of our products are modular and easily inter-operate with all other point solutions used throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.

Adform was founded in Denmark in 2002 and is one of the world’s largest private and independent advertising technology companies. With offices in 18 countries, Adform has more than 700 employees globally throughout Europe, North America and APAC. 

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