Lead JavaScript Developer for SSP

About team and product

Adform Supply Side Platform (SSP) is a young and ambitious product empowering top web-sites to monetize their operations by conducting real-time advertising auctions during page loads (RTB). We keep our operations fast and reliable: we handle about 30 000 real-time auctions per second, we have datacenters around the Globe (Europe, US, Asia). We have a complex metadata domain which is managed by a set of Single Page Applications each isolated to manage data in its bounded context and powered by individual microservices.

SSP Tech stack:

Single Page Applications on frontend. 50/50 .NET/Scala on backend, Microservices architecture, API first approach. Frameworks: company-wide we have tried most industry-standard JS Frameworks, including, Angular JS (1,2), Knockout, Backbone, Aurelia, ReactJS, etc. In SSP we currently have most of the codebase on Angular (1.3 and 1.6) and ReactJS, however we're in the process of evaluating current industry-standard JS Frameworks to select and adopt a right stack of libraries for our next-gen UI implementations.

As an SSP UI developer you're supposed to be an active contributor to these projects as long as support and gradually improve/rewrite existing UI applications. Current most-used UI stack: Angular (1.x), Karma, Gulp, Moment.js, Socket.io, jQuery, SystemJS, etc.

Your responsibilities will include 

Your primary responsibility (80-90% of your time) will be developing and reviewing new code and sometimes doing DevOps tasks (deployment automation, configuration management, metrics, monitoring and alerting for UI applications). Your team will own UI for product: make all UI decisions and be fully responsible for the results.

We’re looking for a passionate developer to lead our UI sub-team.

You’ll contribute to SSP and Adform-wide frontended architecture, so you’ll have to actively participate in deciding how things are done and distributed between components.

Be an integral part of our agile workflow: as any other team member you will participate in business and technical planning and have a say in iterative improvement of our process.

We expect

Own UI for product. Make all UI decisions and fully responsible for results. Angular, React. Micro-service architecture. Strong support from UX team who develop components and styles.


  • Expert Knowledge in JS and Web technologies
  • English intermediate level
  • Computer science degree or similar
  • OOP knowledge


  • You should have experience with more than one modern frameworks like Backbone, Knockout.js, Angular.js and etc. Experience in building and supporting single-page web applications is also important.
  • You should be ready to learn or have experience in UI DevOps duties (automatic deployments, configuration management, monitoring).
  • You should be comfortable working closely with Product & UX team to produce compelling UI architecture for upcoming features.
  • You need to communicate with other UI team, working on neighbor products to contribute in common components, guidelines, architecture and future direction of Ui development.


More about us

Adform is the independent and open full stack ad-tech platform that encompasses creativity, data and trading, servicing media agencies, trading desks, brands and publishers globally. 

All of our solutions are modular, and easily inter-operate with all major technologies used throughout the digital advertising ecosystem. 

Adform was founded in Denmark in 2002 and is among the world’s largest private and independent advertising technology companies. We have over 800 employees globally, with offices in 18 countries throughout Europe, North America and APAC. 

We work hard, have fun and value intelligent, innovative and creative people who aren’t hierarchical. We’re passionate about our business and are looking for people who share our approach. This mentality is at the heart of why we’ve been profitable since our founding and a core part of our company DNA. 

Visit http://www.adform.com or http://join.adform.com for more information


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