Geeks Only

High Load

Transactions per day
Requests per second
  • Complex calculations per request needed in less than 20 ms
  • Data centres across the world
  • High availability load balancing and failover
  • We use big data for training predictive models

Big Data

  • Leading DWH technologies: Hadoop, HP Vertica, Kafka, Aerospike
  • Huge Data Processing Clusters
  • Analysis and optimization is being done on massive amounts of data
  • Petabytes of data on 4000+ servers
  • Data pattern analysis using complex processing algorithms

Creative Advertising

Adform leads the Rich Media revolution by constantly inventing funky engaging formats with video streaming, games, maps, magazines and many other interactions for all types of devices and screens.

  • Video, VAST
  • Mobile phones, tablets,
    touch screens, TV, out of home
  • Creative Toolkit
    for HTML5
  • Daily creative production for some of the largest media sites with 10 million users
  • Innovative formats

Real Time Trading via Great UX

Users in the advertising industry expect spicy experiences and attractive designs, therefore the Adform UX Team focuses on creating a great UX and on design development. Daily operations, such as campaign planning, real-time ad buying and optimisation, must be intuitive and simple. Users set up campaigns through our system, which spends over one billion USD. To improve the user experience we employ modern frameworks and libraries along with in-house components

  • backbone.js
  • react
  • underscore
  • handlebars
  • less
  • angular.js
great ux


Integrations with partners, such as Google, Adobe and Facebook, are the key element for making advertising fluent and fast. We constantly partner, communicate and integrate with some of the biggest digital players in the world.

  • Integrations with partners
  • 300+ large e-shops and CMS platforms
  • Direct integrations with publishers
  • TV ad recognition

How We Build Stuff

  • Flexibility and lightweight requirements instead of huge documents
  • Automated
  • Automated
  • Multiple releases
  • Unconference is an innovative way to share ideas among great people
  • Constant refactoring
    Experimental culture
    External conferences and trainings
  • Continuous
  • Hackathon Days, when developers have a chance to spend 24 hours on their own projects