Adform People

The Adform family is growing constantly and it consists today of more than 600 people around 15 countries of the world. Do you want to know what makes us unique? The Adform family is integrated by the most valuable people … original, free spirit, intelligent and the freedom to work and be who we really are! This is the freedom that develops great products and features, which our clients love so much!

Alan Vežbickis

IT Engineer
  • Joined: August 28, 2014
    Height: 165 cm
    Eye color: Blue
  • In his own words he takes care of our „penguins family“
  • He is attending Wushu trainings. Google it
  • Lived near lake Baikal, where temperatures jump from -40 °C in the winter, to +40 °C in the summer
  • In his free time he loves some mountain biking, and guitar playing

Alius Petraška

Senior Developer Evangelist
  • Joined: November 04, 2013
    Height: 195 cm
    Eye color: Blue
  • His primary role is to change how the world thinks about online & mobile display advertising
  • He‘s a well regarded producer in the Lithuanian music scene
  • He thinks that beer is the next big thing
  • He‘s into exploring undiscovered music

Stefano Accossato

Ad Campaign Coordinator
  • Joined: September 29, 2014
    Height: 184 cm
    Eye color: Brown (with little green reflections)
  • He’s an ad campaign coordinator for the Italian market. He’s working mainly with rich medias and dealing with huge campaigns
  • Once he convinced the bartender that drink with the name of Italian ham existed and it is his fault not having it
  • He now has a drink named after him in some random bar
  • He loves climbing – rocks, walls, trees, you name it

Dainius Kniukšta

Technology Expansion Lead
  • Joined: May 06, 2008
    Height: 192 cm
    Eye color: Green
  • He ensures that we stick to “work smart, not hard”
  • 9 years playing a pipe called “Birbynė” in various Lithuanian folklore bands
  • Always has a spoon in his coffee mug
  • A bit weird combination of hobbies, he loves chess, and high performance vehicles (track and off-road)

Miglė Milerė

Product Manager for Big Data program
  • Joined: December 08, 2008
    Height: 164 cm
    Eye color: Blue
  • She keeps developing new products, so we fit every need of our clients
  • She doesn‘t eat meat for quite some time, and can‘t recall why
  • She’s a green person, fights for recycling, and she grows herbs herself!
  • She’s very much into latin dances

Vytautas Jakštys

Cross-Device Product Owner
  • Joined: January 06, 2014
    Height: 191 cm
    Eye color: Blue
  • He's responsible for understanding the people behind the (many) connected devices that they have
  • Says he can turn red lights in green if he stares at them long enough. He has to be alone to do that though
  • He’s a 3x Lithuanian orienteering champion
  • He is into sports, economics and politics, also loves reading geeky facts about the world

Ondřej Týma

Technical Specialist
  • Joined: July 21, 2014
    Height: 200 cm
    Eye color: Brown
  • Most of the time he plays foosball and drinks coffee. But when he has a break from that, he also does some tasks, helps clients to run their campaigns as smoothly as possible and gives them support they are expecting
  • He‘s 2 meters tall, and have never played basketball, such a waste…
  • He is the 3rd Ondrej of our Czech team
  • He loves the usual stuff - movies, parties, computer games, dogs, foosball

Živilė Einikytė

Events and Marketing Coordinator
  • Joined: September 15, 2014
    Height: 174 cm
    Eye color: Blue
  • She shares insightful blog posts and newsletters with all of you, and keeps you updated with what is happening with the online advertising world
  • She loves buying one way tickets
  • Loves extreme sports and travelling, and is not afraid of injuries
  • She keeps loosing things. So if you want to lose something just hang out with her, she may lose you

Žilvinas Krapavickas

IT Data Centers Product Owner
  • Joined: November 23, 2009
    Height: 188 cm
    Eye color: Blue
  • He is responsible for planning, installing and maintaining Adform data centers
  • The best vacation for him is with soldering iron in his hands and a bunch of electronic components on the desk
  • He has the longest hair of any male in Vilnius office
  • He‘s into all kinds of electronics and radio controlled air planes

Liudas Čereškevičius

JavaScript Developer
  • Joined: November 24, 2011
    Height: 185 cm
    Eye color: Blue in the summer, and grey in the winter
  • He enables mobile advertising to be a part of Adform‘s platform
  • Scanning through section „anything fun about this person“ gave us the answer „I‘m still alive“. Go figure
  • He‘s into Muay Thai. We try not to mess with him
  • Another virtuoso of hobbies – he plays the guitar, darts. He is the master of foosball, loves composing music

Rūta Petrulytė

HR Partner
  • Joined: April 07, 2014
    Height: 164
    Eye color: Brown
  • She supports the brilliant minds of Adform to get even better, she‘s there whenever you need some help, or even someone to talk to
  • She loves crime books, that’s the spice in her otherwise not that much criminal life
  • When she sneezes, she always does it twice, and she loves ballet and says that she can do Grand plie, Rond de Jambes
  • She‘s always happy, loves traveling to the places where you get the „Wow“ feeling, she dances whenever she can – can do that even behind the car wheel, as music – is in her blood